FUTOM Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (HTMS FUTOM) is a joint venture company between HTMS NV-Belgium and FUTOM India. The company was founded in year 2011 by a group of experienced technocrats. HTMS FUTOM has a combined experience of more than 100 years in manufacturing and designing of elastic/resilient metal seals. The plant is located in Pune, India.

The products provided by HTMS FUTOM are -

- Metal O Rings
- Spring Energised Metal O Rings
- Spring Energised Metal C Rings
- Metal C Rings
- Metal Oysterseal®
- Metal Commaseal®

HTMS FUTOM, Resilient Metal Seals are used in a wide variety of applications where normal seals cannot handle extremes of temperature, pressure,
medium or combinations there off.

Company profile of Futom Engineers India Pvt.Ltd.


- More than 100 years of experience
- In house testing
- R & D new products
- Close co-operation with universities


- Short delivery times
- Rush production procedure
- Dedicated staff
- Quick response time

Specific questions? Do not hesitate to ask for our dedicated staff!

Managing Director Of Futom Engineers Pvt.Ltd.

Priya Bagul - Uttarkar,
Managing Director

Sales And Marketing Manager of Futom Engineers India Pvt.Ltd.

Anand Uttarkar,
Sales and Marketing Manager

Managing Director In HTMS Belgium.

Paul Van den Broeck,
Managing Director HTMS BELGIUM

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