HTMS Futom is experienced in the design and manufacture of resilient metal seals for extreme environmental service conditions. HTMS Futom metal seals, O-Rings, C-Rings, spring energised C Rings and O-Rings are produced from high quality alloy materials with full lot control, full traceability and inspection procedures at all production steps.

All production procedures starting from purchase to shipment are controlled by our Q.A. manual. HTMS Futom is an ISO 9001 certifi ed manufacturer of resilient metal seals. Regular internal audits verify that work procedures are maintained and compliant with our Q.A. manual. HTMS Futom works closely with their customers to analyse as correct as possible the sealing problem and based on this application data, design and manufacture the best seal for the given application.

We strive to manufacture only correct products and are confi dent that our seals will be free of all material or manufacturing defects. Should a mistake being made then we will replace, free of charge, any defective products with the highest priority. Our warranty is limited to the replacement value of the defective seals only, and does not include any additional or consequential liabilities.

Resilient metal seals are by design and depending on the performance requirement sensible seals, where other parameters such as, handling, effective groove sizes and surface roughness are evenly important to achieve the desired results. The seal, being only one part of the sealing solution, HTMS Futom cannot guarantee any leakrate, nor can we accept any liability for costs following poor sealing results. However, should the problem be related to faulty parts HTMS Futom will replace free of charge the parts.

Except for the general recommendations found in this design manual, we cannot give specific warranties for life-expectancy, leak-rate or other operational parameter. Customers are always advised to qualify seals, preferably by real life test, or by similarity, in the exact configuration of their intended use.

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